Monday, September 6, 2010

OPI DS Extravagance and tags (:

Hello Lovelies! Todays nails (:

I am so excited! I got 2 blog awards! :D These are my first 2! So thank you to Laquerware for Tips and Toes! She has a great blog so go and check her out (:

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1)I have two of the best friends in the world! Our realtionship is great and i can't even describe it! <3 
2)I have two dogs: a lab, Harley and a maltese, Odom. *Yes i have painted my dog Harley's nails (:*
3)My mom is great because she get really into buying nail polish with me and help me out :D
4)I love murder shows and aspire to be a crime scence investigator when i grow up.
5)I am currently in American Sign Language II. It is so fun and i love it!
6)Music is great and i can't go a day without listening to it
7)I really enjoy v-necks.. (nicole and alice will love that :p)
8)I probably couldn't live without my phone for a day
9)I am obsessed with solitaire!
10)eBay is one of my new obsessions i buy a lot of my nail supplies and stuff on there (:

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